SWARNAPURI is home to modern ideas and technology, as applied to tradition, culture and heritage. To start with, over 150 books have been Compiled by SWARNAPURI SRIDHARAN, and published at affordable cost, covering various aspects of Temple Worship, Temple Maintenance, Temple Tiruppani, Kumbhabhishekham, etc., Extracts from Vedas & Agamas, Vedic Learning, Vedic Rituals etc., Samskaras, Performance of Rituals at Home, Performance of Rituals for Pitrus, Religious Pilgrimage to Kasi & Gaya etc., Karnatic Classical Music Related Topics, as well as, Tamil Tirumurai and Literature Related Topics etc.. You can have an overview of the books by downloading the the ENGLISH or TAMIL BOOK-LIST by pressing the button at the bottom of this page.

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SHYAM SRIDHAR, 01 June, 2016.


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BhooDevi Ash.Satha Namavali